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Looks like Yeezus could not match Watch The Throne, in terms of bulletproof leaks, as the album has hit the internet today. While details have remained tightly wrapped, here is what the tracklist looks like for the Tuesday release. Look for our review of the project next week.

1. On Sight (Produced by Daft Punk) [Malik Yusef, Rhymefest]
2. Black Skinhead (Produced by Daft Punk) [CyHi The Prynce, Lupe Fiasco, Malik Yusef]
3. I Am A God (Featuring God) (Produced by Daft Punk) [Hudson Mohawke, Justin Vernon, Malik Yusef, Rhymefest]
4. New Slaves (Featuring Frank Ocean) (Malik Yusef, Rhymefest)
5. Hold My Liquor (Feat. Chief Keef & Justin Vernon) [Alejandro Ghersi, Malik Yusef, Rhymefest]
6. I’m In It (Feat. Travis Scott) [Justin Vernon, Malik Yusef]
7. Blood On The Leaves [Hudson Mohawke, Tony Williams]
8. Guilt Trip (Feat. Kid Cudi) (Produced by S1)
9. Send It Up (Feat. King L) [Alejandro Ghersi, Daft Punk, Gesaffelstein]
10. Bound 2 (Feat. Charlie Wilson) [John Legend]

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18 Responses to "Kanye West “Yeezus” Has Leaked. Here Is What The Tracklist Looks Like."
  • Dayz says:

    I know I have been talkin’ mad sh!t on Kanye lately but I sat down and listened to this LP through twice and gave it the best unbiased ear I could… WOW! This LP sucks! I can’t be anymore blunt. Everything about it is absolutely horrible. I can’t believe Rick Rubin shined up this turd cause I couldn’t even imagine what it would have sounded like without his help… 808s is better and I loathe that LP… I predict this just might actually commerically flop seeing as everyone and their grandmom can find it for download within 5 seconds on Google and the review, not just mine I’ve read so far, are this is a total piece of sh!t!

  • Mitch 3K says:

    I’m not even gonna bother listening to this, I was never crazy about Kanye on the mic even back when he had dope beats like on Dropout & Late Registration, everything since has been unlistenable to me. I still read reviews tho just to see what other people are feelin and All the fan reviews I’ve read for this so far have been awful although I’m sure the hipster Douchebags at Pitchfork will still call it a classic anyway.

  • The Doorman says:

    Haven’t peeped it yet, however here is what I will say about this. Don’t like Kanye as a person, love him as an artist. Won’t review the album however until I’ve listened to it five times, just like I do any release. Yeah, people are saying it sucks on the internet, they said the same thing about Blueprint 3 an hour after it leaked, but I think we have to get over snap judgements on things like this. Let it soak in, then make your decision.

  • Hodges says:

    I rock with half of it: 1,2,4,6,10. Nothing revolutionary or nothing, I can totally empathize with those who say its garbage. It certainly isn’t Hip-Hop: new wave-dubstep-house dance-rock-drill shit going on, but fuck that. @Dayz and Django, what y’all rocking on the Prodigy and Action? I can’t rock with P’s lyrics for the most part (a couple of em had the old P flow), but Alchemist has 5 tracks that render Kanye pretty irrelevant as of right now (4,5,7,10,14). should treat Alchemists projects like more of an event instead of giving ratings a month after his shit drops. He is easily the present production King. I don’t rock with Harry Fraud, but I bang Triple Backflip.

  • DJ Pizzo says:

    Dual Hav & P review coming this weekend.

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