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While our Yeezus review is not quite ready yet, we have reviewed every Kanye West album throughout the span of our 17-year history. Check out our review archive of each of his albums below, from The College Dropout to Cruel Summer.

The College Dropout – @@@@1/2 – By Matt Conaway

Excerpt: On “Last Call”, Kanye laments “the fans want the feeling of A Tribe Called Quest/but all they got left is this guy called West.” Cocky? No doubt!!! But you can make a broad statement like that when you meet expectations of this magnitude head on and win. Not too shabby for a College Dropout, huh?

Late Registration – @@@@1/2 – by DJ Pizzo

Excerpt: Don’t let the nit-picking get you down – as evidenced from our 4.5/5 rating, this is a great album with too many beautifully musical moments to name, easily establishing Kanye as the best producer in the game (for the time being). But if either Common’s Be or Kanye’s own College Dropout are being used as the classic standard, this album doesn’t surpass either. As he says on “We Major”, Kanye’s reasoning for naming the LP Late Registration was so he could “take you motherfuckers back to school”. But more fittingly, maybe it’s because everyone is trying to make up for not giving him due props on The College Dropout and giving him the classic rating this time around to make up for it. Better late than never, huh?

Graduation – @@@@ – by D.T. Swinga

Excerpt: Graduation is not Kanye’s best LP, but it has no problem matching up to his previous works. It’s Kanye’s shortest album to date (a tight 13 tracks), and it’s not weighed down by the usual collegiate themed skits.

808′s & Heartbreak – @@@1/2 – by DJ Pizzo

Excerpt: We all go through breakups and hardships in our lives, so on some level, there will be moments we can all relate to on this LP. However, only an ego as big as Kanye’s would believe that we would be interested in hearing this type of vanity project which basically explores one topic in one style. Because he is such a huge star, of course he knew we would all be listening, however the universal praise the album has received begs the question as to whether people love the album, or just love Kanye in general. We suppose it’s nice to hear something from Mr. West during the off season (as we didn’t expect another LP from him for another year or so), but we prefer drum loops and chipmunk soul, over 808′s and Heartbreak.

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy – @@@@@ – by DJ Pizzo

Excerpt: Usually when an artist goes through some kind of incident that changes the public’s perception of them, it’s the death knell for their career. Kanye West has instead taken that negativity and channeled it into the greatest album of his career. They say tragedy and sadness bring out an artist’s best, and My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is proof positive.

Watch The Throne – @@@1/2 – by DJ Pizzo

Excerpt: While the production may be uneven, there are still tons of quotable moments from both Jay and Kanye on this LP. Don’t get us wrong, each of these songs may have their own merits out of context, but have a hard time fitting together as a whole. All in all, Watch The Throne is still a good album. But when dealing with two gentlemen that have such a long-standing reputation for greatness, “good” simply isn’t good enough.

Cruel Summer – @@@1/2 by D.T. Swinga

Excerpt: Kanye’s standard will forever be measured up against My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, and as badly as Cruel Summer *wants* to be an album, it still comes off as an uneven compilation record. Sure, managing this many personalities at once probably was a challenge, but with this many characters in the fold, expectations were much higher. By and large, Cruel Summer‘s most satisfying moments we’ve already heard, we just wish there was an equal amount of heat saved for game day.

And that’s it. Look out for our Yeezus review soon.

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4 Responses to "See How Each Of Kanye’s Albums Stack Up In Our Review Archive"
  • Hodges says:

    My favorite Kanye Works are MBDTF and Common’s Be (with a little assistance from The Late Great Dilla Dog of course). There are countless loose tracks that I hold dear (Bump J’s Move Around, Scarface Guess Who’s Back that every rapper ever has freestyled on, Jiggas Thank You and Never Change, very obscure track with Common called Back To Basics). Love or Hate the guy, the best compliment you can pay him is you can’t be indifferent. I appreciate his zest for whatever he’s doing, dope or wack. I’m a Beat Head through and through, so most of us give respect and honor. The man did pay more than his fair share of dues to get here. Imagine how boring Hip-Hop would be if he died in the Lexus.

  • Green Django says:

    Good to read all the reviews again. Still ring true today.

  • solchildx says:

    Great reviews as usual hhs. Can’t wait to read the Yeezus review Pizzo. :)

    Yeezus is the most hardest albums ever. Its the most dark and abstract Ye has released to date. The minimal, industrial, aural beats are bananas. Its in your face and he doesnt give F***. He didnt think outside the box, he removed the box all together. Bravo Kanye. 5 stars.

  • Chedda says:

    Who poots?

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