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Exclusive in-depth interview from Hard Knock TV with Brother Ali. In part 1 he talks about Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman and how people are trying to work around the fact that the case demonstrates institutional racism in America and that a lot of people would rather ignore it. Brother Ali says that we are speaking in codes and that in order to truly address what is going on when need to unpack those codes.

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14 Responses to "Brother Ali talks Trayvon Martin, Racism, White Privilege, Speaking in Codes"
  • The man the myth says:

    No doubt man, it is sheer stupidity that all of these dumb asses posting on Facebook and twitter saying that they are going to riot if Zimmerman is acquited. These idiots think that destroying businesses and their own infrastructure is going to do justice for Trayvon, when in reality they are destroying the very towns that they live in. If they are going to riot, why don’t they target the real racists like the police, but then they can’t get free stuff. The level of stupidity in our community is off the charts. These people don’t even realize that they are playing right into the elites hand. They want us serfs to kill each other, then they can further the police state that is already out of control. It shames me that my people after 400 years of oppression still fall victims to the same divide and conquer tactics that have kept us at each others throats for so long. Malcolm x realized this and they killed him for it. The elitist pieces if shit will continue to play this game because it works and we are too stupid to see the forest from the trees.

  • sTeeZo says:


    You’re speaking with a lot of assumptions and ignorant prejudgment for someone thats claims to be against such things.

    All I did was ask you a question and in response, you vomited up a hate filled tirade.

    You just assumed I was on Ali’s side when I gave no opinion one way or the other on the subject.

    I actually agree with a lot of what you and The man the myth say. And as you already know, you have every right to make the points you made. But Atom, you seem almost as bad as the “WHITE PEOPLE ARE EVIL RACISTS” and “BLACK PEOPLE ARE POOR VICTIMS.” people you speak of.

    I understand that this is a very polarizing subject that can cause folks to lose their cool but, maybe next time you chime in, you shouldn’t go about it in such a manner that devalues your argument. (Even though there was no argument, or debate for that matter in the first place).

  • Atom says:

    Yeah, I realize I went at in a way that might seem condescending and angry. I just have grown tired of debating the issue, as I did it elsewhere regarding his last video. I am at the point, where it feels when it comes to this subject many people have their mind made up and there is no way to change it. I am filled with anger towards these people, because you can’t do much besides just say “Do more THINKING and a lot less FEELING.” and “Do some research.” The only thing that could bring attention to these issues are other people from the black community speaking on it. If you are not black, you really are not allowed to speak on these on these issues without being called a racist. They need more positive leaders like they used to have. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton (as stated by man the myth) are a joke and counterproductive. Giving the community a victim mindset and race baiting like nobody’s business. Sorry Steezo, it wasn’t really directed towards you, it was just more directed at those people who do side with people like this. The fact I even had to explain how what Brother Ali has been saying is racist makes me frustrated. That is why I just feel like it’s pointless. Media doesn’t help matters either. It’s like the power structure wants things this way.

  • sTeeZo says:


    Hey, it’s cool homie. I understand your frustration. A lot of folks nowadays seem willfully ignorant and will just write off anything that doesn’t prescribe to their world view.

    And sometimes I feel like I’m ice skating up hill, when it comes to talking to individuals who seem to lack even the slightest bit of empathy but, I don’t give up hope because not everyone is that way.

    Atom, you seem passionate about the subject and that’s a very good thing but, it’s hard to make others see your point of view when they feel like they’re being attacked.

    And coming at angry folks with anger yourself to fight them is like trying to put out a burning home by setting more fires inside of it. It does nothing to help the situation. (Unless your goal is to burn everything to the ground).

    You fight fire with water. And in this case, the water is having a proper dialogue in which you talk to people and not at them.

    Now, I know that’s easier said than done and it isn’t the end all solution to the problems we have when it comes to race in America but, it’s a good starting point.

  • Atom says:

    @Man Myth, I agree, the police state should be a main focus. The power of the police has reached even scarier levels. The people in government and other powerful places want to keep their power, profit, and do whatever it takes to stay in that position, regardless of the race.

    Also, apparently they uploaded part 2 of the Ali video. Apparently, he thinks a person like you for even mentioning “black on black crime” means you have WHITE GUILT. That shows how stupid Brother Ali is. Face it, dude has the biggest case of white guilt you could imagine, yet he is trying to push it onto others. Which he is so ignorant that he doesn’t even realize his accusations of white guilt even includes black people who are are way more intelligent than he could ever dream to be. He is such denial and even addresses other issues like “reverse racism”, and race-baiting, because HE KNOWS people are calling him out on that shit. Instead of taking a look at himself, he continues to try to mold it to fit his racist agenda. Whether it’s conscious or subconscious I don’t know. Maybe it has something to do with his Islamic faith and wanting to destroy American from the inside out. lol If anybody is hurt after Zimmerman is let free (which there have been been people attacked in the name of Trayvon last year), the blood will be on people like Ali’s hands. Knowing him, he will probably praise it and jerk off to it.

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