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Exclusive in-depth interview from Hard Knock TV with Brother Ali. In part 1 he talks about Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman and how people are trying to work around the fact that the case demonstrates institutional racism in America and that a lot of people would rather ignore it. Brother Ali says that we are speaking in codes and that in order to truly address what is going on when need to unpack those codes.

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14 Responses to "Brother Ali talks Trayvon Martin, Racism, White Privilege, Speaking in Codes"
  • The man the myth says:

    Yeah, Brother Ali is an idiot, and his music is so damn boring. I have a little sympathy for him because it has to be hard growing up an Albino Black man, he has probably had to deal with some pretty messed up stereotypes and treatment, but it doesn’t excuse his statements and his blatant racism. I live in Illinois where in Chicago there is a gun ban, yet 500+ people are killed by gun violence every year, and most of those deaths are innercity black on black gang violence. The fact is that black on black violence is out of control. I don’t see the same self destructive nature in the hispanic community or the white community, so the white guilt angle I don’t see it. Like I said before, Malcom X realized that it wasn’t the average white man that was the problem, it was the whole “western power structure” that has been destroying the world for power, control and of course wealth. Malcom went to Mecca and saw white, brown, yellow, black all worshiping together and realized the problems. It’s all divide and conquer. Malcom, RFK and MLK where going to work together to help reveal this power structure and awaken us out of slumber, but they were all assassinated and replaced with racists like Farrakhan, Jesse Jackson and later Al Sharpton. This Trayvon story is tragic, no doubt, but like you said, the evidence just isn’t there to support a 2nd degree murder charge, or even manslaughter, and like you said, this type of crime happens all over the country, when it is black on black crime, it gets ignored, but the media loves a story like this, they can get NBC to edit the 911 tapes to make it sound like GZ is a racist and when they are called out on it, they are forced to retract. Nobody reads retractions though when they are 2 weeks after the fact.

  • sTeeZo says:

    @The man the myth:

    I don’t know if this fact does anything for or against your view of Brother Ali but, he’s a WHITE albino.

    Dude is a white guy.

  • Mitch 3K says:

    I remember when Brother Ali came out way way back everybody thought he was an Albino black man and he went with it, he never came clean until some newspaper in Minnesota pulled his card on it and published pictures with him and his whiter then white brady bunch looking family lol I just cant take this dude seriously, he makes “Positive Black Man” music and he’s white smh dude thinks he’s Chuck D and Brother J rolled into one when his entire fanbase is the kids who caught onto him through Atmosphere

  • The man the myth says:

    Thanks for clarifying that fact for me, sorry I was wrong,I thought I heard he was black. Since he is white, then he is a bigger joke then I originally thought. I was giving him a slight pass because of what I percieved to be his race, this dude is a clown then.

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