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DJ Risky Bizness tells us:

This was a freestyle that Slug (Atmosphere) spit for a mix tape i did called The Syllabus in like 99/00 ..I remember running into Slug at Red Dog (Old Chicago Club) Twilight Tone was spinning and i was hanging with MC J.U.I.C.E. that night. We had just went to see Gang Starr at the park west and decided to roll over to Red Dog after the show . we get there and the place was jumping i walk over to the bar and who was chilln in the corner but Sean Daley.. we had know each other for a bit now ..i was like yooo Sluggo..i need you to lace a mix tape for me and his response was let’s do it tomorrow.. So the next day i rolled over to Cap D from All Natural’s crib in Hyde Park at the time ( i believe not sure it’s been years) becuse that’s where Slug was staying for the night before making his way to Dibbs Crib in Cincinnati and we just knocked it out real quick like… So here you go and there you have it!

Bonus points if you can name the instrumental. Hint: Nervous Records.

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2 Responses to "Slug of Atmosphere – “Risky Bizness Freestyle”"
  • RL says:

    RE: Bonus points if you can name the instrumental

    Matt Life and Matt Fingaz feat. Talib Kweli – Fruits of Labor In The Sunshine

  • RL says:

    I meant Wizdom Life and Matt Fingaz….

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