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Famed hip hop artist and urban activist Immortal Technique shares his thoughts on the George Zimmerman trial and verdict, explaining what he meant when he said “Zimmerman is the new OJ.” Immortal Technique also reveals whether he thinks the trial will go to Civil Trial, what he thinks of Zimmerman supporters, and the conversations that should be brought out as a result of the trial.

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16 Responses to "Immortal Technique Explains Zimmerman “OJ” Comment"
  • yungplex says:

    These ole Tom ass ninjas just don’t seem to see the big picture. It’s the media that would have us believe that black on black violence and crime are the chief problems in our communities. Some of the internal issues in the black community are attributed to institutionalized racism. Young minority men are profiled and put into the prison industrial complex. This ish is the new Jim Crow period. Had Trayvon been a 17 y/o white boy, GZ would have paid him no mind in the 1st place. It’s disgusting to me to hear that we have black men out here with vision that blurry.

  • PMWilson says:

    Well said yungplex. Well said.
    This was a classic case of racial profiling if there ever was one. But of course those who don’t believe that will say that Zimmerman would have treated a white teenager the same way. That’s BS.

  • The man the myth says:

    The media doesn’t ever address black on black violence, the only ones who do are people like Larry Elder, who you would call a tom. Black on black violence is by and large ignored in the mainstream media, but if you think that black on black violence, the lack of fathers raising their children, and the poor education in our innercity schools isn’t the problem then you are high. The statistics don’t lie, and unfortunately this effects not just blacks but all people of lower incomes. You can keep blaming racism for all of the problems facing our community, and I can say that living in Chicago, their is racism in the police department and especially from politicians, who are mostly democrats. Your boy Obama has done nothing but blow hot air about the real problems facing his home city. You guys can call me a Tom all you want, all I know is that working here in Chicago in the community everyday, I see this stuff everyday, and it breaks my heart, way more than this overplayed Trayvon case. If you can’t see the way the media manipulated this case from the very beginning then you are blind.

  • A/DC/B says:

    I gotta say that I’m tired of hearing people say that no one talks about black on black crime. Not in the mainstream, that’s true, but only because the mainstream isn’t concerned with issues that only affect the poor and disempowered. Grassroots community organizations are and have been working on the micro issues driving those macro statistics and they do it better than orgs like the NAACP. That’s one reason the NAACP doesn’t touch them AND why the NAACP is viewed as largely irrelevant in the community. I swear, if conservatives stopped talking about them and the New Black Panther Party, a lot of cats would forget they still existed.
    With matters being as they are – chronic underemployment, lack of investment in inner city infrastructure (incl. schools), the effect a minor youthful indiscretion can have on a person’s earning power and ability to exercise their civil rights for life – and no incentive on the part of government or market participants to change any of that shit (partly due to neglect of issues that largely impact black people; call that whatever you like), it’s nothing but the way things are to many people and therefore not a matter of pressing interest worthy of comment on its own merit. This thing was originally about the Sanford PD letting Zimmerman go without a real investigation until details – shady, suspect details – emerged that got people emotionally invested in the case. Then it was good storytelling and easy ad revenue that a boring discussion about deindustrialization, the prison-industrial complex and the rise of the informal economy in the hood could never compare to.
    Tech’s video was more about the things people are saying because of this trial though, which I thought was valid. Distraction or not, it got people talking about some serious issues for a minute.

  • PMWilson says:

    The Zimmerman trial has nothing to do with black on black crime. You are clouding the issue. The issue with Zimmerman is that he profiled, harassed, then murdered an unarmed and innocent 17 year old teenager. This topic has nothing to do with black on black crime. It is about racial profiling and getting away with murder.

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