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B. Rhymes grabs N. Minaj for the video to his remix of “Twerk It”.

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24 Responses to "Busta Rhymes – “Twerk It (Remix)” (feat. Nicki Minaj) (Video)"
  • Ozi battle says:

    Respect the architect? If busts built any thing it would already fallen down, he does not deserve architect statues, had ask your age so I wasn’t having a one conversion with some who wasn’t there in the 90s.

  • yungplex says:

    Lol,Not a leaders or flipmode fan? I feel like dukes voice, energy,cadence, breath control, catalog & longevity go hard. (#Concrete) Lets not forget the ninjas work on features & remixes. How is Busta not in everybody’s top 50 mcs? I’m trying to think of 50 cats that had a better career and I’m simply at a loss.

  • Dayz says:

    I respect Busta and his career. He is a hugely talented artist that has made many, many great songs. This is not one of them however. This is absolute dogsh!t and there is no defending this one. Like my rants on Jay-Z here is another example of an artist who has millions of dollars yet is so insecure and has such an emense ego that he feels the needs to stay trendy and make crap rap for tweens. Busta could make anything he wants and there would still be an audience yet he chooses to sign with Lil Wayne’s label and make horrible music? It’s just sad to me that it appears from my perspective he doesn’t have enough self respect as an artist to stay, what I feel to be,true to himself. I can’t knock his business sense as I am sure the move to Young Money has been a lucrative one but it surely wasn’t based on art or good taste.

    Side note: I have been curious how old @yungplex was too. No disrepect but at times I wasn’t sure if you were in the same age bracket as me. Nothing but respect to you and the other regulars here on HHS.

  • yungplex says:

    No disrespect taken/given fellas. I maintain my position that established artists like Hov & Bus aint got to do ish but have fun and do them. Hip hop will never be the same as it’s golden era.(remember who controls this ish now) That said,there is a reason why heads are still checkin for the art form. That’s due to fact that it still conts to evolve on a level greater than anything else. Hip hop is still the best thang smoking and don’t need saving. The last 2 years have me optimistic when I hear how many yung and ole heads jumpin fly.

  • sTeeZo says:

    After listening to this craptacular joint, I had to go outside and check for blood raining from the skies and to see if the dead were rising from the grave to feed on the flesh of living because, I actually thought Nikki was better on this bullshit than Buster.

    And to think such a thing much less say it, must surely be a sign of the Apocalypse.

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