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Ludacris sits high on stacks of money, thanks to endorsement deals and movie roles, which his illustrious rap career has paved the way for. While Luda’s been out of the game for a minute and admittedly has had a hard time catching a hit single for his upcoming Ludaversal LP, many have been quick to suggest he’s “fallen off” or “no longer relevant”.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. His last album, Battle Of The Sexes, received a lukewarm critical response and maybe some are judging his business sense for letting 2 Chainz get away. And his public beef with media darlings, Big Sean and Drake, certainly didn’t help things. Yet this doesn’t undo his long list of hit records and dope LP’s. And even if getting money is the only thing today’s rap audience respects, he’s out performed your favorite rapper tenfold.

Maybe that’s why his new mixtape is titled #IDGAF, which stands for “I Don’t Give A Fuck”. And the direction this concise 10 track collection takes, it’s clear that he truly doesn’t.

The music of Luda’s latest could very well be an album, and is so well put together that it should be considered one. There’s no real radio ready single here, and he doesn’t go for pulling the heart strings with songs like “Runaway Love” either. No, this is Luda clearly putting both middle fingers up for all to see.

Luda employs some of this generations “hot” hood producers for this project, such as DJ Mustard (“Hell Of A Night”) and Mike Will Made It (“Speak Into The Mic”), but largely relies on up and comers for the sound. From a critic that is not a huge fan of southern club beats, Luda shows just how important a command of the mic is, as the production comes secondary to the lyrics themselves. Imagine that.

Metro Boomin leads the pack, producing three of the album’s tracks, kicking things off with potential club anthems “If I Ain’t F’d Up” and “Raised In The South”, both of which find Luda demanding the audience’s attention with a barrage of laugh out loud rhymes that remind us why he love him in the first place. He’s done such a great job of picking beats and lyrically destroying them, that when fluffers like French Montana (“9 Times Out Of 10″) and Chris Brown (“Dancin’ Dirty”) join him, their presence is merely an afterthought, as Luda steals the shine every time.

With amazing consistency, ‘Cris keeps your attention throughout the album’s brief playtime, just before the main course is served, the title track “IDGAF”, produced by Bangladesh. At this point, he’s just plain showing off, varying the cadence of his flow from double time to slowed down, all while doing so with his usual brand of hilarious lyrics. This level of quality is prevalent throughout the entirety of #IDGAF, and suggests that Luda hasn’t missed a step.

So has Luda fallen off? Hell no. #IDGAF is proof of that, and is testament to his talent as a whole. In just 10 short, “throwaway” tracks, Luda has proven he’s still got it. With a mixtape this strong, it kind of makes you wonder what he’s saving for the album itself.

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2 Responses to "Ludacris – “#IDGAF Mixtape” – @@@@ (Review)"
  • Green Django says:

    He associates himself with Chris Brown and Justin Beiber therefore I find it awful difficult to give any respect back and give him another chance BUT since the review covered all my thoughts about Luda I will check it out and check back in.
    Throw dem bows!!!

  • Isaac says:

    Luda channeling his inner 12 year old white girl with that title.

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