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by Pizzo
4 August, 2013@7:26 am

Jay-Z sits in with with Bill Maher, who deciphers the hook to “Tom Ford”, beef with Harry Belafonte, and other topics in this extremely awkward interview.

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2 Responses to "Jay-Z on Real Time with Bill Maher"
  • Tom says:

    Oh look, it’s some of Obama’s major campaign funders and mouthpieces. Jay-Z and Bill Maher. Not saying people should vote Republican, but any red pilled people know that the Republicans and Democratic parties are part of the same two headed monster.

  • the man the myth says:

    I have been saying that for years. Much love Tom, I can’t stand idiots like Bill Maher, and especially marks like Jay Z. Forget the re-Pube-lickens and Demo-Craps. If campaigns didn’t need millions of dollars and congressmen and senators had term limits, I think we would see some real new “for the people” politicians.

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