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Before playing Rapsody’s new “She Got Game” mixtape 9th Wonder and Young Guru got into a discussion about Kendrick Lamar’s verse on Big Sean’s “Control” and why a response may be futile.

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5 Responses to "9th Wonder & Young Guru Debate Kendrick’s “Control” Verse"
  • I see it like this…

    If Kendrick’s verse can inspire these lazy rappers to make smart and compelling lyrics with ultra clever wordplay as the focus of the music again, then I’m all for it. The music has been on a creative downward spiral ever since Diddy ushered in the shiny suits and got everyone drunk on sparkling wine putting out corny record after corny record.

    Once others saw him get away with such wackness, that’s how all these other wack rappers that have absolutely no business near a microphone let alone a studio flooded the market with the gross ignorance and idiocy that has dominated the industry since 1997. Leaving the much better skilled and far more talented Artists and Producers out of the mainstream populace.

    Artists like: Jean Grae, Talib Kweli, Yasiin Bey (Mos Def), MF Doom, Junclassic, Homeboy Sandman, Joey Bada$$, Astro, Killah Trakz, Blu, Elzhi, Pac Div, Phonte Coleman, Big Pooh, Tiye Pheonix, DVS Jackson Esq., Common, De La Soul, Q-Tip, Rakim, are far more superior to the current crop of cRap stars that the big corporate machine shoves down the public’s throats on a daily basis, but Americans are incredibly lazy, they rather just accept what’s fed to them by Clear Channel, Emmis and MTV Networks instead supporting music artists who are actually great in their respected crafts.

    So maybe Kendrick’s verse will open the floodgates to a new era where real lyricism and strong beats will dominate the music again and all this fluffy, cotton candy, sugary sweet, bubble gum flavored, high fructose cornball syrup cRap pretending to be hip hop will come to it’s demise.

    One can only hope that #REALHIPHOP will become the norm again.

  • Green Django says:

    And the award for today’s biggest rant goes to you sir.

  • Tom says:

    I agree with Pete 1997 was a major change. Don’t forget, not only Puff Daddy was huge, but Master P became huge as well. Those were the 2 biggest in the game during that time. That says a lot. Things have never been the same since. Beats and lyrics.

  • yungmixelplex says:

    I just can’t wait to see if these ninjas can respond on this level.

  • Dayz says:

    @Pete Marriott welcome to the soap box in the town square! I love it! And I totally agree with you and got nothing else to say… 1996 was a magical year for me artistically and as a fan… Indeed 1997 was the start of the downfall… @Yungplex I think I need a day to collect my thought and see if I can pontificate any greater, I’ve been on Facebook and the like discussing the fact that I haven’t even listened to said verse/song cause really in the Hip Hop world I care to live in and listen to cats like Kendrick and the rest he called out aren’t even contenders to hold a mic in a cypha. These artists are irrelevant to me. I don’t hate on Kendrick, he’s better than 95% of the rappers on the radio but that’s like saying he’s 95% better than the other kids at the special olympics, sorry to offend anyone but the difference in radio rap and true Hip Hop is night and day to me. I am all for the debate of lyricism in the main stream of course so I hope this does something but I feel ain’t nothing gonna change… The money and the bullsh!t runs too deep at this point… Purists say Hip Hop is dead, f@ck that it never died, it just went underground like those 17 year cicadas to hopefully emerge another generation. I have heard the best Hip Hop records I have ever heard in the year 2013 and I’ve been listening since 1983… Love the debate and I can only hope that the mainstream sheep decide they demand quality and creative Hip Hop once again… Time will tell…

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