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16 August, 2013@4:29 pm

Papoose repays Kendrick Lamar for letting him rock in his Summer Jam set by dissing the shit out of him. We’ve seen some “response” records, but this one’s a straight dis…..

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10 Responses to "Papoose – “Control (Kendrick Diss)”"
  • Wubrotha#1 says:

    This was dope, but IMHO the reason Kendrick still has the 1 up on this is due to the mom reference and the album cover diss. A little on the okay side, but then again Nas was also guilty of slick trash talking lines about Jay Z’s “dick sucking lips.” I think Lamar hit home with the facts about hip hop right now, whereas Paps was on some comedy diss tip. Well, at least mainstream hip hop got a wake up call. Now it’s back bumping the brown tape. Awwww yeeaaaaaaah.

  • Hodges says:

    He gonna wait till everybody says their piece and come out with a Takeover type joint addressing everybody. JR Writer had a few lines and I don’t even rock with Mickey Fatz but he pretty much deaded everything with “King of New York, I beg your pardon/ the King of LA Dead and that nigga from Harlem!”

  • bobby2000 says:

    This is bullshit compare to Kendrick’s verse. Can’t Papoose come with nothing better than talking about how another man dresses or making ignorant remarks about Kendrick sitting on another mans lap. It is beyond me how anyone can think that this can even be compared to Kendricks verse.

  • James says:

    What a fucking clown. That cheap ass cover tells us all we need to know.

  • yungmixelplex says:

    it is the best response thus far…

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