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13 September, 2013@9:13 am

Nothing Was The Same hits Sept. 24th.

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10 Responses to "Drake – “Wu-Tang Forever”"
  • Hodges says:

    I think I’m the only head here who rocks with this kid. This shit dope.

  • the man the myth says:

    No it is not dope, and what does wu tang have to do with this song. I was expecting to hear this dude go in on some hardcore hip hop shit, instead I get some effeminate lame attempt at hip hop. Do I live in the twighlight zone? Why is this dude relevant again? some one enlighten me, cuz I just don’t get it.

  • Green Django says:

    He’s a polarising MC love or hate him. Chicks dig him cuz he’s a bad boy and sings a lot. Dudes dig him cuz he brings out their femine side without too much judgement.
    He does however possess some very good and often humorous lyrics.
    He’s very accessible and seems independent in his ways.
    He’s also a bit lonely and in need of help (chicks love that stuff). He has talent. He has appeal and he has charisma and he’s filthy rich.
    Having said that all those nice things about him he is also annoying as fuck, his voice is like a dentist drill most of the time he’s not saying anything on his tracks.

    @the man yes you are living in the twilight zone. Do you think that’s air you’re breathing?

    @hodges to each is own.

    @drake do something for hip hop

  • Major says:

    I didn’t get on Drake til earlier this year. Take Care was a masterpiece. I was definitely not a fan of his until I heard that album.

    That said, this song has the wrong title. When I first heard of it I thought “much respect to Drake, big uppin’ the Wu like that at this point in his career.” But upon hearing the song, I thought the same thing that I’m reading Deck’s saying: The song is titled wrong. It’s damn near disrespectful if you’re a real Wu-Tang fan. Just cause it’s an “It’s Yourz” sample?Name the song “It’s Yourz,” then. Maybe “It’s Yours (Wu-Tang Forever).”

    There’s nothing wrong with the song, though, just it’s the same shit Drake always talks about masked as a Wu-Tang shout-out.

  • da commanda says:

    Take Care was the most pillow biting album I’ve ever heard…Drake sucks, dude…

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