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Mister Cee gives an emotional interview to Hot 97′s Ebro after being caught – again – with a transgender prostitute. In this emotional, teary interview, Cee admits to having “fellatio” from a transexual, however insists he is “not gay”. Cee resigned from the station for about 24 hours, but was “back on the box” later in the day, with a new mix.

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4 Responses to "Mister Cee Speaks With Hot 97 About Latest Transgender Prostitution Allegations"
  • Tom says:

    Man, at the beginning I thought it was funny, but then you realize dude is going through some shit. I still don’t think dude is being honest though, a man don’t cry that much and get that emotional just for getting sexual with transvestites. Dude is bisexual. He can’t say it. I still don’t think he’s fully honest, because that is what he is if he’s willing to participate in sexual acts with people he knows are dudes. Respect to Mr. Cee for coming out, but he still hasn’t fully admitted it, but I guess that’s something in hip hop. I remember Fatlip from the Pharcyde said he got his dick sucked by a chick that turned out to be a dude. He thought it was funny, laughed about it, and even made a verse about it. Mister Cee needs to lighten up and come clean. Frank Ocean did that shit too.

  • Tom says:

    LMAO. NOw that I heard the video the hooker recorded. Shit is made creepy and gross. HAHAHAHA but to each their own I suppose.

  • Tom says:

    actually bro interviewing him, gets respect for being a cool dude.

  • bobby2000 says:

    Why can’t he just admit that he’s gay? It’s just stupid trying to deny it.

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