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2 October, 2013@7:24 am

This is essentially Three 6 Mafia minus Juicy J, and adding in lost member Crunchy Black, plus Gangsta Boo, Koopsta Knicca and Lord Infamous.

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4 Responses to "Da Mafia 6ix – “Go Hard” (feat. Yelawolf)"
  • Tom says:

    I was wondering who that other girl in the song was, then I realized it was Yelawolf. Lord Infamous shines on this one.

  • the devil real god created him if he didnt who else did did he create him self um my self plus lord versatile matta fact i stole that name now u wek niggas name ya game i play 4 keeps an round yo house when you sleep so please awake to this stake in yo heart black heart black soul black clothes inside white nose no remorse now yo corps stuck on froze only god knows

  • this murderous mantality street sweeping casulties after me after u the last too walk first to awake in the after life an its the same shit as the first so who carried my casket who drove the hurst um after u should of let me die in the field wit the real where i lay is where i rest cant u see the sign that the devil planted on my chess dont know why god chose the sacrifice guess ill have to ask him later in the after after life vice grip on the game vice grip an a chain nose might be viced griped wit the cain/ thats 4 u to know me to blow you aint gone be prepaired when i hit you wit dat calico.

  • Tom says:

    ^^^^ what is this guy talking about?? ^^^^

    Just noticed my comment was in October, I was praising Infamous for shining. He died in Decemember. I find it sad that HHS never gave a news update for his death. (unless I missed it somehow)

    R.I.P. Lord Infamous

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