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Louis Logic will make his return to the game on Oct. 29th, with his new album, Look On The Blight Side. A record release party will be held in Brooklyn @ Glasslands on November 3rd. The tracklist is as follows:

01. A Day Late And A Dollar Short
02. The Joke’s On You
03. Don’t Care
04. Bet The Farm
05. They Don’t Make ‘Em Like They Used To
06. Chip Off The Old Blog
07. Look On The Blight Side
08. Big Fish Eat The Little Fish
09. Across The Water
10. Leaving Again

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3 Responses to "Louis Logic Will Return Oct. 29th With “Look On The Blight Side” LP"
  • Dayz says:

    Not 100% sure of all the details but Ap and Celph got some choice words for this dude and I saw the pic of him on stage rockin’ garter belts and a bra… No hate on homosexuals from me but I could see this being quite a calamity in the Hip Hop world, especially in the Demigodz lair.

  • Model Citizen says:

    The garter belts and bra were a joke, it wasn’t supposed to be anything more than that. Louis isn’t gay (or at least has never given me any reason to assume otherwise). From what I understand he’s still friends with Celph but Apathy doesn’t talk to him at all anymore. I think the issue was that they didn’t like the direction he was going musically and Louis was becoming disillusioned with the Demigodz brand of hip hop. I think homophobia had something to do with it too, I think Apathy in particular took issue with his choice in clothing everything he’s done since leaving the crew has been more experimental, especially “Spork Kills.” He can still rhyme his ass off though. He’s a good dude too, my brother had a chance to chill with him at a house party last time he came through Minneapolis. I’m glad he’s putting out another record.

  • da commanda says:

    I personally got to chill with this dude at a house party/concert and he was cool as crap. His gear was kinda tight, however, once I got past that, his skills and laid back personality won everybody over. He previewed tracks off this album and chopped it up with me about JJ Brown, Jay Love, etc. I didn’t wanna ask about the Demigodz though…Co-sign with Model Citizen…

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