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Long Island rapper R.A. the Rugged Man shares his thoughts on Lord Jamar’s recent comments on white rappers being guests in hip-hop, revealing where he stands on the subject. Rugged Man also explains how white rappers must prove themselves in the industry, comparing the situation to Elvis and rock and roll.

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1 Responses to "R.A. the Rugged Man Agrees With Lord Jamar’s Edgy Claims"
  • Atom says:

    RA was just on the Young Turks too, who are some of the kings of propaganda and race-baiting. Regardless, this is racist to say that white people are forever GUESTS in hip hop. If we all want to speak in racist terms like this, we might as well say RA is Jewish, so some wouldn’t even consider that white, and would consider them a step above even white people at exploiting rap music to it’s fullest and pitting races against each other. lol I’m not saying that is what I believe but those are some stereotypes as well if he wants to speak that way. Regardless, this mindset is like saying that BLACK PEOPLE are guests in America simply because it was founded by white people. This type of logic is harmful to everybody if anybody actually wants to get past this stupid race shit.

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