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29 October, 2013@3:42 am

Third single from Eminem’s MMLP2, hitting November 5th.

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18 Responses to "Eminem – “The Monster” (feat. Rihanna)"
  • Dnpmonk25 says:

    Nope not for me. Agree 100% with Dayz.. These powerful cats in the game have a chance to do whats real but all fall back to heard.

  • Hodges says:

    Not that their styles are at all similar, but I always wondered why Dilla never collaborated with Eminem. I’m guessing it was Dilla unwilling to work with Em. He did rap “And all my niggas who rep more D than 12 Eminem” on Slum Village’s “Reunion”. I don’t know if it was a diss, but as a rabid Dilla fan I’m glad he didn’t compromise his integrity to work with a fellow Detroiter just for the easy payday he could’ve had. Another “Vivrant Thing” tailored for Eminem would’ve been twice as big as Q-Tips, and that was a major crossover hit in its own right. He blessed damn near every artist from the D except Em, starving or signed, so there had to be something there. I think I remeber members of D-12 expressing condolences and respect after he passed, but I don’t remeber Em paying any homage.

  • Walter says:

    Lots of wannabe hipsters holding they nose up at this song – too good for commercial rap. The fact is, there are ZERO responses for most of the tracks underneath (and above) Eminem on Hiphopsite, so this goes to show you what successful rap is these days. This generates interest… the other “rap” does not. Good track.

  • Model Citizen says:

    @Walter, the number of responses this track has generated does not go to show anyone what successful rap is these days. What the responses go to show you is that the majority of people who started listening to Eminem before Recovery feel alienated by most of his new shit. I wasn’t aware that the regulars here are wannabe hipsters. Don’t hipsters listen to trap music anyway? I thought that was the new ironic thing to do. Oh, by the way, I am to good for most commercial rap. So is anybody that likes music that has more to offer than the ability to make ass cheeks clap together. So is anybody who likes music that isn’t made for teenage girls.

  • khordkutta says:

    Huh funny walt, I always thought heads listened to AND respected more types of music than other genres simply because of sampling, imo, its the young bucks who “say” they are into hiphop who dont listen to other ish, they dont even listen to older hiphop.

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