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7 November, 2013@6:26 am

Part 2 of this very candid interview starts with Hopsin telling Nick Huff Barili that he thinks “Kanye is on some bullshit”. Hop talks about his lyrics to “Hop is Back” where he states: “I gotta problem yo’,I was ecstatic to buy Yeezus / But I burned it first, Heard it and snapped in 5 pieces / Man Kanye on that bullshit! / That’s why the paparazzi made that nigga hit his fucking head that’s what that fool get/ You think you God now you half assin rap little faggot bitch / Perhaps you suffered brain damage back when you had that accident?”

Hopsin goes on to share his feeling on Kanye’s last album Yeezus. And tells us how he recreated Kanye’s run in with the paparazzi (where he hit his head on a sign) for the Hop is Back video.

Hopsin also addresses the lines in Hop is Back directed at Kendrick Lamar: “But most importantly, hip hop isn’t dead no more you see / Cause Kendrick took the bar and raised it up higher for MCs / Unfortunately the little nigga’s like 4 ft 3, the guys a fuckin’ midget /
His high is still really short to me”.

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1 Responses to "Hard Knock TV: Hopsin Interview Pt. 2"
  • Tom says:

    Good to hear an artist speak the truth on Kanye.

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