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7 November, 2013@5:02 am

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Rob Argent of The Zombies spoke on Eminem’s use of the band’s “Time Of The Season” track sample for “Rhyme Or Reason”, off of The Marshall Mathers LP 2, in stores this week.

What did you think of Eminem using “Time of the Season” for “Rhyme or Reason”?

I actually loved it. I loved the way he takes words and phrases from the original record and then spins off of the particular phrases. It kicks him off onto an avalanche of funny wordplay and invention. It’s very amusing. It’s a waterfall of words, and the associations just keep coming. When he’s singing, “There’s no rhyme or no reason for nothing,” I love that it was almost identical in vowel sounds and mirrored the original, but at the same time completely inverted the sentiment of what was being said.

Were you skeptical about how it would be used?

I was supportive of the idea because I like things done in an inventive and creative way. I was excited when I heard he wanted to use it because I knew it would be a completely different spin on the song and it would turn into something else. In that respect, I really liked the Melanie Fiona record ["Give It to Me Right"] also.

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2 Responses to "The Zombies’ Rob Argent Speaks On Eminem Sample"
  • Tom says:

    Props to him for recognizing sampling as an artform.

  • khordkutta says:

    If you havent already Tom, check out copyright criminals, i caught it on netflix, its all about sampling and laws, etc.

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