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As one half of legendary duo Mobb Deep, Havoc has produced countless hip hop classics, from “Shook Ones Pt. II” to “Quiet Storm” and many more. Now, after 20 years of crafting tracks, Havoc is making a selection of his signature sounds available to producers everywhere. Shipping in time for Christmas, The Infamous Producer Kit features over 200 sounds (in high-quality WAV format) used on classic Mobb Deep albums like The Infamous and Hell On Earth. The kit is now available for pre-order on a limited-edition USB flash drive with a custom case and poster. The flash drive also contains Havoc’s solo albums The Kush and 13, plus the first two volumes in his instrumental Beats Collection series. As an added bonus, Havoc is including a booklet with exclusive production tips and secrets from his two decades behind the boards.

What sets The Infamous Producer Kit apart is an adherence to Mobb Deep’s signature aesthetic. “I look for that gritty sound,” says Havoc. “I don’t want nothing too clean, too sharp, or too perfect. Back when I first started producing, I wish I had a ready-made gritty drum kit, as opposed to something I would have bought at Sam Ash with a bunch of clean toms and hats.” While some producers keep their production secrets to themselves, Havoc is eager to spread the love. “It’s a gift. Why harbor all these cool sounds? I’d rather give them to the next generation.”

The kit includes a variety of sounds, but there’s a heavy emphasis on drums and percussion; there’s no denying the importance of drums to the Mobb Deep sound. “The drums are everything,” Havoc explains. “If the drums ain’t right, your song won’t even have a chance to be great. And then somebody else might turn that same sample into a great song because they’re using some great drums.”

While eBay is littered with knock-off kits claiming to imitate the top producers of the day, Havoc is among the first producers to release the actual sounds used on classic recordings. “This is not just another kit,” he explains. “This is the original sounds from my machine. It’s a piece of time. It’s a piece of history.” Now producers everywhere can incorporate a piece of that history into their own projects. “Bottom line, this is something you want in your arsenal as a producer,” says Havoc. “You want the right tools in your toolbox.”

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2 Responses to "Havoc Announces The Infamous Producer Kit, Containing Hundreds Of Classic Mobb Deep Sounds"
  • the man the myth says:

    That is dope. The hell on earth/infamous production is easily my favorite out of Hav’s prod. As a beatmaker, this kit will come in handy.

  • Green Django says:

    Amazing kit. Havoc has alway been consistent and dope. If ya haven’t copped 13 yet it’s defo my pick for album of the year!

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