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23 November, 2013@10:32 am

Yelawolf tackled the ever-controversial topic of the loose use of the n-word amongst White rappers in Hip-Hop. While Yelawolf has disagreed with Lord Jamar’s views on the presence of homosexuality in Hip-Hop, he does agree with his views that White rappers are essentially “guests” in the house of Hip-Hop, and should refrain from using that word.

Even though Yelawolf stated that he has grown up around his Black friends calling him the n-word every day, he has programmed himself not to say it out of his own mouth. He reflected on living in Alabama and how it is filled with cruel and violent acts of racism embedded within its history and therefore he and every other White rapper should show respect to the culture and not use the n-word.

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12 Responses to "Yelawolf: “White Rappers Using N-Word Ain’t Cool”"
  • The Doorman says:

    “There could never really be justice on stolen land…”

  • Green Django says:

    Let’s hear more about this Irish/Swedish blonde!

  • Atom says:

    @youngplex I was comparing the people saying white people are forever guests in hip hop with the very similar mindset if somebody was to say “blacks are forever guests in America” or in “forever guests in basketball” simply because those things were founded by white people. (yes Native Americans were here first but I was referring to the United States) I was just pointing out how ignorant that mindset is to say that just because something was created by people of a certain race, doesn’t mean other races in the future will always be guests. You liking America to be a melting pot isn’t why I called you Hitler Jr, but rather you suggesting that the reduction of white people will make people feel at home is a pretty racist mindset to have. If only people of color around you make you feel at home, then that shows where your mind is.

    Things have changed a lot in the 40 years since the 70s. Without getting into a more complex in depth debate, let’s just say the tides have turned a lot to where white people the ones portrayed as evil racist bad guys, while other races can get a free pass for racist behavior. Goes way deeper than that, but people need to start being more colorblind, but we all know how the hip hop community felt when PM Dawn said that.

  • Did you know that says:

    Amerindians have about 33% percent ancestry from north-european hunter-gatherers.

  • nickwolf says:

    guests in hip hop? so blacks own hip hop now? talk about some kanye shit lol

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