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23 November, 2013@10:32 am

Yelawolf tackled the ever-controversial topic of the loose use of the n-word amongst White rappers in Hip-Hop. While Yelawolf has disagreed with Lord Jamar’s views on the presence of homosexuality in Hip-Hop, he does agree with his views that White rappers are essentially “guests” in the house of Hip-Hop, and should refrain from using that word.

Even though Yelawolf stated that he has grown up around his Black friends calling him the n-word every day, he has programmed himself not to say it out of his own mouth. He reflected on living in Alabama and how it is filled with cruel and violent acts of racism embedded within its history and therefore he and every other White rapper should show respect to the culture and not use the n-word.

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12 Responses to "Yelawolf: “White Rappers Using N-Word Ain’t Cool”"
  • khordkutta says:

    As with any word, to me anyway, its about intent and context.

  • Atom says:

    I agree with khordkutta. If you have 2 white kids skateboarding and one kid says to the other “that was awesome, nigga!” there are people out there who would shit their panties like “YOU CAN’T SAY THAT!” Even if it was meant in a positive way as a term of endearment. People need to leave that shit alone. Rap has never been a P.C. genre until recent years when you have all these rappers owned by corporations who don’t like to rustle people’s jimmies unless it’s sex related. They don’t like the idea of a rapper saying “retard” or “fag” etc. Rappers telling other rappers what they should and shouldn’t say is bullshit. Hell, even golden era rap got away with saying some real racist shit all the time that was in a hateful manner. With many artists calling out “crackers”, “jews”, “chinks:, etc. Shit was accepted on the major labels for the most part. Hell, Ice Cube gets to make kids movies now. lol. However, yeah if a white person says that word in a negative manner against a black person, then they better be prepared for the consequences. lol. Luckily, this new generation of kids don’t care as much as long as everybody is cool with each other. I hate the idea of people telling others what words are acceptable and what words are not. Wasn’t anybody else raised on “sticks and stones” shit? They might as well change that now to “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words break my heart and fill my vagina with sand”

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