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6 December, 2013@9:36 pm

Exclusive in-depth interview with Hopsin by Nick Huff Barili. Part 6 of this very candid interview starts with Hopsin explaining a recent tweet were he stated: “F*ck getting signed to a record label, I am the label.” “People may idolize Jimmy Iovine, they may idolize people who own big labels, but Jimmy Iovine started one day as a person young as myself or younger saying I want to be part of a label. I want to own a label. I want to be able to help artists and all that…I didn’t realize that at first when I used to be signed to Ruthless, I used to want to be signed and be under somebody and have a boss but then its like WHY?” Hopsin goes on to detail how his record label Funk Volume has been able to succeed as an independent and why he has turned down major labels wanting to sign him. “I build this shit organically. I learned how to rap, I talk to my fans, I’m a humble dude…I’m not having other stars co-sing me…I’m just Hopsin the guy that knows how to rap and I be online promoting myself.”

As the interview continues Hopsin addresses artistic responsibility and calls out rappers and pop stars that are leading their fans to act reckless. Hopsin thinks artist should own up to their power of influence and not steer their audience, particular the youth into doing things that they will regret down the line. Hopsin also calls out Miley Cyrus and rappers constantly rapping about Molly, Twerking and Turning up.

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1 Responses to "Hardknock TV: Hopsin Interview (Part 6)"
  • Tom says:

    Thank God that Hopsin is one of the few rappers with a good intelligent message that people of this culture need to hear. The ignorance and irresponsible behavior needs to stop. We need more intelligent individuals. It’s true, many of these artists have the fan base already and fame, but they still go with the constant changing trends and dumbing down our youth.

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