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In a recent interview with The Village Voice, 16-year old New York state emcee spoke about his upcoming MF Doom collaborative project, which he reveals is called NehruvianDOOM on LEX Records.

Okay, what can you tell me about that?
Well it’s titled NehruvianDOOM. It’s DOOM producing the beats and I’m rapping over them, though he’s going to be on some of the songs too. We don’t have any outside features, it’s just me and him.

How did the collaboration with DOOM come about?
I met DOOM for the first time a couple of months ago when I went to London. It was my first time out there, I opened for him and Ghostface at the 100 Club and I just happened to run into him after the show and we met like that and we kicked it and talked like that.

What were your first impressions of DOOM?
He’s a cool dude, just like a normal person. We didn’t talk too much about music in that first meeting. We went out to eat at some spot out in London — I don’t really know the places out in London like that — but we went to get burgers and we were just chilling.

Were you surprised that DOOM agreed to do an album with you?
Surprised? Not really. But was I happy? Yes. It’s not like I’m like an artist that it wouldn’t be possible for him to work with me. I knew that he would like my music but it’s still awesome that DOOM wants to work with me, you know? I’m a huge fan as well.

Were you nervous at all about recording music with him?
Not really. He didn’t really offer me feedback on my lyrics or anything, but the first time when he heard the tracks, when I sent him the rough mix back to him, he told me he liked it a lot. It’s not that he didn’t think I was going to go hard on it, but it wasn’t over-the-top but he said it was very good, basically. It felt great to hear him say that.

What’s your favorite DOOM album?
Probably Mm.. Food. It just has its own sound to it, you know? It’s one of those albums that has a unique vibe and feel to it and it just connects with me.

Does NehruvianDOOM have a release date yet?
No, not yet. But keep watching.

The interview also reveals three other projects the young emcee is working on, including P.E.A.C.E., Nehruvia: Ununderstandable, and production for Que Hampton’s EP.

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4 Responses to "Bishop Nehru Talks MF Doom Collab LP, “NehruvianDOOM”"
  • khordkutta says:

    Ish could be hella dope, I dig the youngin’

  • WuBrotha#1 says:

    Here here! Now, my only worry is recycled Doom beats. Other than that, I’ll be keeping an ear out for this.

  • khordkutta says:

    Oh you know its gunna be some recycled beats, but i do like to hear how different emcess choose to use the beats.

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