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Rapper R.A. the Rugged Man shares his thoughts on rappers promoting the Illuminati with imagery in their music videos and clothing, which he says is just a trend that doesn’t amount to anything. He adds that the people promoting such imagery aren’t a part of a secret society, claiming “they’re nothing.” Rugged man then explains why he thinks “fashion rappers” are only going to last as long as their image, giving them 2 years tops until they go away.

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7 Responses to "R.A. The Rugged Man Slams Rappers Promoting Illuminati"
  • Mike says:

    The second you say the word “illuminati,” you might as well be wearing a tin foil hat.

  • georgel says:

    is this Man really Rugged? i say no.

    yeah make fun of tin foil hat people paranoid about the government but they dont look as silly as they once did since its been proven the government is bugging our electronics and listening to us.

  • khordkutta says:

    “The greatest trick the devil ever played….”

  • The Man The myth says:

    Exactly Geogel. Hip hoppers used to expose the symbolism in the music. I remember the Boogiemonsters back in 95 or 96, did a whole rap city episode exposing the satanic/freemasonic symbolism in the architecture of New York City. You could tell they were influenced by Dr. York. A lot of rappers used to really talk about this stuff back in the 90′s, now they all celebrate it and act like it’s some cool thing to do. Occult symbolism has been around in music forever, the beatles were loaded with it, Elvis used to carry up to 7 different occult themed books with him on the road and was a devout follower of Blavatsky. The whole jay-z and Kanye clans use this symbolism in everything they do, from their hand signs to their clothing lines. I don’t see how using these symbols is trendy, considering most people don’t know a thing about them.
    I used to laugh and poo poo this stuff too, but I take it very seriously now, for reasons that I won’t share here. Calling people tin foil hat wearers and conspiracy theorists is an easy way to dismiss the content, without really challenging what they say.

  • Model Citizen says:

    The government bugging our phones and a secret shadow government that runs the world and has Kanye and Jay working for them are two very different things. And if dudes are using symbols that most people don’t know a thing about to promote something, what is their motivation. Also, if you are a shadow government whose existence relies on secrecy, why would you leave symbols everywhere for basic cable channels to devote hour long “documentaries” to? I’m with RA 100%. Shit is ridiculous. The government is corrupt as fuck, but come on, the Illuminati is nonsense.

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