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Rapper R.A. the Rugged Man shares his thoughts on rappers promoting the Illuminati with imagery in their music videos and clothing, which he says is just a trend that doesn’t amount to anything. He adds that the people promoting such imagery aren’t a part of a secret society, claiming “they’re nothing.” Rugged man then explains why he thinks “fashion rappers” are only going to last as long as their image, giving them 2 years tops until they go away.

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7 Responses to "R.A. The Rugged Man Slams Rappers Promoting Illuminati"
  • The Man The myth says:

    Yes the government is corrupt as heck, and I agree that a term like “illuminati” is pretty ridiculous, but secret societies have existed for hundreds of years and these same secret societies have always hidden their symbolism in plain site. All I know is that artists throughout the last hundred years have used this ancient symbolism that goes back to egyptian mysticism. We can debate the meaning of it all we want, but it is there and they do use it. I think a lot of these artists are pre packaged anyway, just studio creations who really have no control over the look of their videos and therefore their videos contain a lot of this imagery. Like I said before, I used to think this whole subject matter was tin foil hat stuff, but do to my own personal experiences, I can say that it is very real, and I think using terms like illuminati and New World Order is just a giant red herring. The government does plenty to us right in our face that is ignored by 90% of the public anyway, so this type of stuff, even though it exists, is a giant distraction.

  • Atom says:

    Whether you call it NWO, Illuminati, or just a group of individuals pulling the strings, it exists. I’m amazed there are people here who still think it doesn’t. Step away from your TV and pay attention to world events, history, and educate yourself. I don’t think people realize mow much has gone into psychological operations. There is a lot of bullshit to sift through that can throw you off. It is hard to say if just one group is responsible, when it’s most likely a combination of groups like (the CFR, Freemasons, Zionists, and possibly even Skull and Bones.) Actually, to those you don’t realize there is something much bigger at play, consider yourself lucky. It’s a burden to know how check mated we really are.

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