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29 January, 2014@1:57 pm

Stillmatic, Vibe Magazine?

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4 Responses to "Would Nas Ever Record “Illmatic 2″"
  • Tom says:

    Stillmatic was sorta an attempt at being a sequel. Obviously didn’t live up to the original. I think there is no way Nas can ever come to that album even if he tried his hardest at this point.

  • Chad says:

    life is good & untitled were modern classics, illmatic 2 would be a major detour from a career that’s already in perfect shape, if ain’t broke, don’t fix it. would love to hear nas partner up with apollo brown or oddissee though, that’d make timeless music

  • The Man The myth says:

    I wouldn’t call either of those albums modern classics. Good, yes, classic, not in a million years. I do agree that Nas’ career is just fine for him. I enjoy Nas’ music, but he will never make another Illmatic. Even if he enlisted the same producers, it would have a hard time duplicating the perfect storm that was Illmatic.

  • Chad says:

    ‘classic’ is such a loose term these days, that’s why i called them ‘modern classics’, but i still listen to life is good once a week whether i was planning to or not, that only happens with classic albums for me.

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