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30 January, 2014@5:13 am

Buckshot and Old Man Ebro share a heated debate about hip-hop’s minors and majors.

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3 Responses to "Hot 97: Buckshot Vs. Old Man Ebro"
  • Atom says:

    This is what happens when liberals run the media.
    You need to compromise your art to cater to females in order to get radios to push it.
    Them saying battle rap songs are not music, and they don’t’ like them because they are too violent. lol.
    Buckshot is right, these people are are simply overlords who don’t give a fuck about the art or creativity. As he said, they want to just give everything certain ingredients to quality. There is no varity in mainstream media.

  • The Man The myth says:

    I just wasted 20 minutes of my life watching this Ebro idiot talk nonsense. In a way, I completely understand what he is saying. He is a radio DJ, and caters to a radio audience and high schoolers, and even in Hip Hop’s heyday, radio wasn’t playing real hip hop. Plus Hot 97 plays 90% bs anyway. But to diss dudes like Duck Down because they don’t shuck and jive and step and fetch and calling them sausage parties is laughable.
    To me, hip hop started as a music that went against the grain, it is rough, it is not about trends, and it’s anti-establishment. That is what drew me to hip hop. Unfortunately, today, hip hop is very much the opposite of what made it so great. Now all of the “mainstream” mc’s are more concerned with the image than the music, that’s why the music just isnt as good in the commercial arena. At least we still have the underground today.
    This Ebro fool was saying that the I got you open remix was commercial, what a joke. That remix certainly was more accessible, but commercial, I think not. If this dude and Funkmaster Flex really had the power that these dudes say they have, they could at least play some real shit mixed with the corny bullshit. This Ebro was actually defending these tight pants pink polo wearing cornballs. Thank god I have a wife, because if singing lame ballads and dressing like a woman is what it takes to get chicks, I would probably just off myself.

  • Atom says:

    I agree. The same thing happened to the punk scene around 2001 or so, it went from becoming anti-establishment D.I.Y. to just another mass marketed genre where even the vets sold their souls. Punk scene got raped, ravaged, and infiltrated just like hip hop did. Also, another thing you will notice different from rap stations is that they never play older joints either. That is why a new kid doesn’t even have a clue about a song that was even a big hit in 1992. Even mainstream rock and pop stations play a mixture of new shit and every now and then throw some old classics in there. Rap radio doesn’t do that, not to mention they stick to only one formula of hip hop that is allowed.

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