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11 March, 2014@3:57 pm

Memphis Bleek opens up about Jay Z and Nas’ beef, which actually began after Nas released a diss at Memphis Bleek on a DJ Clue mixtape. Bleek then followed up with his hit “Mind Right,” which spurred another response from the Queensbridge rapper, who released a freestyle, naming off Jay Z, Beanie Sigel, and other Roc-A-Fella rappers.

When asked what Nas specifically said about him, Bleek reveals that “he didn’t say nothing about me.” He also explains why he liked Jay Z’s “Takeover” better than Nas’ “Ether,” saying that most of what is said on the album is lies. He ends the conversation by saying that Jay’s track “was the hardest record in hip hop.”


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4 Responses to "Memphis Bleek: I Started Nas/Jay Z Beef"
  • Tom says:

    Jay-Z won

  • Major says:

    That shit’s fucked up.

  • Anonymous says:

    *Looks left*
    *Looks right*

    Nas won!!!

  • Chad says:

    Nas clobbered Jay on record, this wasn’t about money, it can’t be, Jigga is not even close, never was. Dude is wayyyy too comfortable, he’s Apollo Creed getting killed by the Russian,once great, too soft to do damage. Jay-Z had skills to sell records, but he was never the street poet Nas was and still is. Ain’t sbout stupid crown, Nas is the last left of a special era, just listen to the guy, nobody else is still writing and delivering lines like him.

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