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You might not be familiar with The Doppelgangaz, but they are four albums deep, with a rapidly expanding fanbase, despite no mainstream radio play. This is largely because this black and white, hooded duo of Ep and Matt Of Fact have tapped into the lost 90′s hip-hop sound, which comes through in their beats, their slang, and even the tongue-in-cheek spelling of their name. Only thing missing is “Da” in place of “The”.

Peace Kehd is perhaps their best album yet, as they really have come close to perfecting their sound. With hilarious rhymes almost reminiscent of a Sean Price or an MF Doom, the group is heavy on quotable lyrics, and this record has them for a dime-a-dozen. Case in point is this gem from “Fall Thru”: “Sittin’ on the set-y, mixin’ booze with fresca / While hookers cooking this spaghetti alla puttanesca.” In short, off-the-wall visuals and subtle sex rhymes from two guys that don’t take themselves that seriously.

The rhymes make it a fun listen, but equally great is their production, which really captures the essence of classic, 90′s hip-hop. While many have tried to replicate this sound over the years, Doppelgangaz come the closest, without sounding terribly retro. The opening cut, “Holla X2″ uses classic Lou Donaldson drums, meshing it with the forgotten G-Funk synth, and a clever vocal sample that sounds like “holler, holler”.

Beyond borrowing from the staple sounds of 90′s hip-hop, like Mobb Deep or Brand Nubian, they also draw from more obscure sources from the era as well. “Sh*t Rock” is a sleazy beat that would have easily fit somewhere on Dr. Octagon, while the lead single, “KnowntchooTahLie” blends heavy DJ Shadow-esque grooves with today’s trap drum patterns. The latter marks a step forward for the group, showing they are capable of making more “modern” music, yet that still holds the integrity of their original sound.

While their earlier works were a bit more grainy and almost seemed like a bit of a novelty act for aging heads like us, The Doppelgangaz have really grown and come into their own on Peace Kehd. Its only a matter of time before this crew is a more widely accepted and respected staple of underground hip-hop music.

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4 Responses to "The Doppelgangaz – “Peace Kehd” – @@@@ (Review)"
  • Dayz says:

    Great review and spot on. I’ve been a fan since their first LP, 2012: The New Beginning, and have all their releases. I totally agree at first I was kind of put off with the cloaks and baby dolls imagery and wasn’t sure, while sounding dope, if they were just goofing around. They definitely are great at what they do and I highly recommend them to any 80s/90′s old head such as myself.

  • Hodges says:

    I’ve never checked for these cats before. Just skimmed all 6 of their albums and was pleasantly surprised at how authentic their 90′s sound is. They’re both accomplished lyricists even if their voices don’t grab me. I bought 6 tracks total from iTunes, 2 off each of the albums Hark, Lone Sharks, and Beats for Brothels 2. I didn’t care for the new one. I’m definately checking for niggas further, though.

  • Da Roundeye says:

    I felt a little disappointed with this. I could tell they were trying to push rhymes & beats further but I like their previous shit better. The reviewer can call the earlier work a novelty but I really enjoyed it and I wanted more of the same. I didn’t get that same throwback vibe on this album. It’ll be interesting to see where they go from here. These two are really talented and somewhat of an enigma. I’ve never seen them on other artists’ tracks and have not seen any guest features on their tracks. I appreciate that.

  • Dayz says:

    They did get Apathy (A long time supporter of their music) to jump on an official remix… Peep it:

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