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Papoose preps his second album with new music, produced by Preem.

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1 Responses to "Papoose – “Current Events” (Prod. DJ Premier)"
  • Papoose, your a leader people follow you …. Young,old,and most are lost souls,,,, who cares if niggaz ain’t beefing anymore,,,,, niggaz grew up,,,,respect it…. I mid hustling I can’t no more I retired got to much time hanging.,… Respect your elders….. And the legends of the game,,,,,,respect they are more mature then u ,,,, and one day u will grow up and have a empire too…. Humble yourself,,,,, stop worshiping the devil and thank God for your success ,,,,,,not only u,,,, every rapper…… Who wants to beef….. Stop that shit for real ….. Your the cause for all these gangs beefing…. When I use to sell drugs I didn’t realize how many people was hurt by my selfishness and cognitive distortion…. It was normal to me…. It was fun…. Free money…. I came home people was dead cause of over dose…. People’s life destroyed….. My boys died cause they looked up to me…… And wanted to be like me….. And I suffer from that in my head everyday….. I was the cause to that…. Not only did I do a bid but so did my daughter mother father brothers sister nephew and nieces ,,,,,, I wish I had your money …. Shit I’ll give back to my hood and your hood too,,,,, I’m a barber …… And i wear a tie everyday cause I’m trying to be a good leader for my kids and friends kid and costumer…. Trust when they least expect the followers are watching … Be a leader….. Stop the beef… Ja rule welcome home… Love u kid,,,,,, jayz your amazing respect the game…. Nas mellow and mafioso style,,,, puff daddy aka p diddy got money ….. 50 cent been through it and still alive…. Fuck beef…. Let’s grow up…. Let’s be that generation to stop beef….. So fuck beef,,,, just be careful who you let in your circle…… God bless you and hope this helps bro…. Your brother in Christ …..peace love

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