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27 April, 2014@11:05 am
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Apathy took to Facebook to announce that he and O.C. have joined together to form a supergroup called Perestroika. The term refers to, “a political movement for reformation within the Communist Party of the Soviet Union during the 1980s (1986), widely associated with Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev and his glasnost (meaning “openness”) policy reform. The literal meaning of perestroika is “restructuring”, referring to the restructuring of the Soviet political and economic system.”

Ap and O.C. are currently recording an album together as Perestroika, he revealed today via Twitter.

“We’re about 5 songs deep,” Apathy told HipHopSite.Com exclusively. “I’ve been the biggest O.C. fan since he first came out, so it’s beyond an honor for me. This is classic O.C. and Apathy. Hard lyrics. Concepts and classic beats. High expectations will be met and exceeded.”

Meanwhile, Apathy is just about to drop his newest solo album, Connecticut Casual, on June 3rd. The solo project will include production from Da Beatminerz, The Doppelgangaz, Teddy Roxpin, Smoke the World and Apathy.

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1 Responses to "Apathy & O.C. Are “Perestroika”"
  • Model Citizen says:

    Hmmmm…interesting, I didn’t see this coming. As a long time fan of both dudes, I’m intrigued. I’m also happy to hear that the Doppelgangaz are involved in the production on Ap’s next solo record. I’m not aware of any other production they’ve done outside their group.

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