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DJ Khaled kicks a hole in the speaker, pulls the plug, and then jets, before telling MTV that he has Jay Z on the first single from his new album, which may or may not be called 8 Summers. Clearly rehearsed.

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6 Responses to "DJ Khaled Tells MTV He Has Jay Z On His New Album, Slams Mic Down"
  • blaqmanta777 says:

    uh so

  • Dayz says:

    Sorry HHS but seriously this type of bullshat is not why I’ve been coming to this site every day since 96… I can see that crap on every other site/blog out there that panders to the lowest common denominator or Hip Hop… Please stop with the trendy rapper reposts, I saw it already, you are not breaking new news with these posts. Gimme more new UMCs and Redman songs not this crap, please and thank you… From a life long fan and supporter of this site, keep it tight alright!

  • problemK says:

    I agree with dayz…but i know you are trying to lure some sheep to see the real. I just filter out that garbage….

  • The Man the Myth says:

    Dayz once again drops the knowledge. Oh wow, Jay Z’s old wack Picasso buying ass on your album, big deal. I agree, lets here some more hip hop, not TMZ reports. Next thing you know, we are going to get a hiphopsite expose on Donald Sterling.

  • Dayz says:

    I do see problemK’s point though, if one of the lost and ignorant of the true art and culture of Hip Hop finds this site from googling Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, etc… and gets exposed to some choiceness and starts to support those artists then I suppose it was for the greater good. But there is that side of me that says naw f that post the real all day everyday and cut the wackness and leave that for the sucka sites out there! I am big enough to admit I see both sides but still feel conflicted, I’m just so passionate about Hip Hop y’alls!

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