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27 May, 2014@8:33 pm

Two tracks from our label, Hellafine, have made it to HypeM. Hot Damage’s “Old Faithful” and Jimmy Dalton’s “Kill Dem”. We’re asking our regular users to “heart” them on HypeM, using the links below. Of course we could *buy* hearts, links, fans, followers, etc, but we don’t choose to do things that way. What you see is what you get, in the great words of Xzibit. Both tracks are embedded below, if you need refreshers.

Click To <3 Hot Damage - "Old Fatihful" on HypeM

Click to <3 Jimmy Dalton - "Kill Dem" on HypeM

Oh, and also, the HipHopSite.Com retail end is re-launching soon. That is all.

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3 Responses to "Do Us A Solid."
  • boogie bored says:

    WHOA PIZZO HOLD UP. Did you just say the HHS store is returning? I have fond memories of that place. Spent lotta college time digging in the crates over there.

  • Pizzo says:

    It is, but not how you think. More news on this soon.

  • Battlehound says:

    If it’s “not what you think ” then I’m thinking the opposite so you’re sending us all free vinyl if we retweet something! Shweet! Whatever’s happening it’s great news

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