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Universal has released the first photo of the cast of F. Gary Gray’s Straight Outta Compton, featuring the film’s Dr. Dre, Eazy-E, and Ice Cube. It was news broke earlier in the week that Dr. Dre would be played by Marcus Callender, however this has turned out to be incorrect, as the role will go to Corey Hawkins (Iron Man 3, Non Stop). Ice Cube’s son, OMG, will still portray him, and Eazy-E will be played by Jason Mitchell, as reported earlier. The film is set for an 8/14/15 release date. Check out the photo of the core cast below.

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23 Responses to "First Photo Of Cast From N.W.A. Biopic, “Straight Outta Compton”"
  • yungplex says:

    “Haters will broadcast your failure but whisper your success.”
    Dr. Dre

  • The Man the Myth says:

    Youngplex, you sure do love defending these sellouts don’t you. Most of us realize Dre is a total mark. He stole half the beats from Cold 187um’s Above the Law Black Mafia Life to make his “magnum opus” the chronic. Doggystyle and Dogg Pound’s first album were primarily Daz’s influence behind the boards. Dude made his name riding others coattails then claiming all the props. Chronic 2001 was a total disappointment in my book, maybe the most overrated album ever in my opinion, and his Eminem albums are far from spectacular. I can at least give him props for making 3 billion on crappy headphones, but that is about it. Cube’s track record speaks for itself. The same guy who made a classic in Death Certificate and Amerikkkas most wanted is the same dude who sold out and is now making kids movies. HAHA, did I mention Cube got knocked the F out by Cold 187um back at 1991′s new music seminar.

  • yungplex says:

    RIP KMG thou. I thought folk already knew the realist on the coast aint tripin. If I big up NWA,SNoop,King Tee,Arabian Prince,Quick, MC 8 and them, it don’t take away from Above the Law and their legacy. NWA getin they lil accolades and thats real independent of 187 and a niccas headphone deal. Sounds like most of yalls is outside looking in. I don’t do the crab in the bucket type ish. That being said,allow me to express nothing but love for these cats(nwa) that largely put the west on the map. Recognize a hog when ya see one.

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