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Universal has released the first photo of the cast of F. Gary Gray’s Straight Outta Compton, featuring the film’s Dr. Dre, Eazy-E, and Ice Cube. It was news broke earlier in the week that Dr. Dre would be played by Marcus Callender, however this has turned out to be incorrect, as the role will go to Corey Hawkins (Iron Man 3, Non Stop). Ice Cube’s son, OMG, will still portray him, and Eazy-E will be played by Jason Mitchell, as reported earlier. The film is set for an 8/14/15 release date. Check out the photo of the core cast below.

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23 Responses to "First Photo Of Cast From N.W.A. Biopic, “Straight Outta Compton”"
  • yungplex says:

    Now that’s some thumb thugin from a safe place. Could it be, heads on here is feelin some type of way? (independent of Cube or poor frail Ali)

  • Atom says:

    Thumb thuggin? It’s just called discussion and debate. You have the freedom to dispute what is said if you disagree. Don’t hate the facts, bro.

    You can still disagree, share your opinions, and keep it civil without name calling people posting.

    I’m not offended, but more out of respect for the site.

  • yungplex says:

    N.W.A Nominated For Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame 2015 Class & Dre conts to stay winning this year

  • Hodges says:

    I feel ashamed for having listened to their music back in the day. As a child I was drawn to the production, rebellion, and overall feel of the music, but even then I could sense that these guys were embellishing a bit much. I later realized that most of them were soft as baby butt and always hiding behind the lame guise of “we’re reporting what’s going on in the hood,” when in fact they were puppets for Jews who ordered them to glorify complete idiocy for a buck.

    No self-respecting Hip Hop Fan cares about Ice Cube. There’s a good Medium article on how respectable of a guy Dr. Dre is: it details his history of beating the sh&t out of women. Both these guys made a truckload of money, and are now bringing in boatloads. They don’t need to be recognized, remembered, or revered for anything. The release of this ridiculous movie will only bring negative press for them.

  • Atom says:

    Hodges is pretty much right. Cube used to diss Jews in his songs, but now he makes kids movies produced, directing, starring..guess who?

    Rappers used to have beef with Jewish people alot in the early days for ripping them off and such, but nowadays, rappers seem to be buddy buddy. I think many of have the same motivations (not to sound racist) As The Lox once said in a censored lyric “Stack chips like Hebrew”

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