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23 July, 2014@11:09 pm

Another Ice Cube radio interview, this time right in his hometown on Power 106 LA on Big Boy’s Neighborhood.

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7 Responses to "Ice Cube Talks NWA Movie & Premieres “Drop Girl”"
  • Tom says:

    @young, I get what you are saying, but you mentioned Sinatra and Paul McCartney having disco albums. They were artists struggling to maintain relevance. All their songs people know and care about were before that. They still maintained their legend status, but it was because of their prior work. I’m sure the same will happen with Ice Cube. I guess blacklisted wasn’t the right word to use. Ice Cube hasn’t made a good album since like 1992. haha. Maybe a few songs on Westside Connection.

    Actually, that reminds me. You always see rappers in interviews talking about how the East vs. West thing was all the media’s fault, not any rappers, but when it was going on Ice Cube came out with Westside Connnection throwing up his dubs and dissing the East Coast. Cube should be ashamed that once again he tried to jump on a trend and escalate a situation to sell records that got 2 rappers killed.

  • The Man the Myth says:

    Too true Tom, Pac was more dissing bad boy, but he was really really cool with the Boot camp click and Wu Tang. Cube and Westside were all about the east west feud, and that is why they were westside connection. I loved Cube’s Death Certificate, and the Bomb Squad stuff, and some Westside and Predator, but that doesn’t erase his bitchness.

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