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Here’s the first snippet from Killer Mike and El-P’s Run The Jewels 2 project, due sometime this year. Beat reminds us of some old Company Flow ish…


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9 Responses to "Run The Jewels [Killer Mike + El-P] – “Blockbuster Night – Part One” [Snippet]"
  • khordkutta says:

    these dudes mind meld

  • Don Muraco says:

    I’m with Hodges on this one, never got the appeal of El-P. His production is too bland for me. He’s got lyrics, but his beats going back to Funcrusher Plus have never been all that.

  • Mitch 3K says:

    El-P makes the opposite of middle of the road beats. Either you love them or hate them. I personally love them.

  • The Man the Myth says:

    Wow Don, El-P production is the exact opposite of bland, but whatever. El-P is very refreshing to hear for me. Everything in hip hop sounds pretty bland to me, but El-P is the antidote for bland. I will admit that his beats are not everyones cup of tea though.

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