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20 November, 2014@1:32 am

On one hand, you have to hand it to Game; even after being exiled from the Aftermath camp after a lengthy battle with 50 Cent, he has still managed to make new friends and keep his name in the, uh… game. With Blood Moon: Year Of The Wolf, Game hopes to get his damn label off, Blood Money Records.

Similar to previous LP’s from Game, the Compton emcee relies heavily on guests to flaunt an attractive tracklist. Yet more so than any of his previous albums, Blood Moon really comes off as a compilation LP, as he adjusts sounds and styles to fit those of his collaborators. So on the Ty Dolla $ign helmed “On One” and the Mustard produced Too $hort nod, “Or Nah,” he adopts the ratchet L.A. sound, which is not that much of a stretch. But then on “Really” with a host of southern rappers (and a show stealing 2 Chainz), the production is tailored to fit their styles.

This can really work against Game at times, whom historically has been a decent, if not sharp, lyricist. But don’t look for that on ignorant songs like “Fuck Yo Feelings” with Lil Wayne and Chris Brown or “Married To The Game” with French Montana, both of which present some of his most dumbed down material ever. Not quite as stupid, but equally head-scratching is the otherwise well produced “The Purge,” where he mirrors the murder spree horror film of the same name, somehow linking it to vengeance, justice and his engineer’s wife dying of stomach cancer. Wait, what?

Game gets a few solo moments, and honestly that’s where he is at his best, such as on the “Nautilus” sampled “F.U.N.” He still heavily name drops on “Bigger Than Me,” putting himself in the same space as 50 Cent, Jay Z and other people that dislike him, questionably. Sadly, none of his new artists do much to stand out from the crowd.

Overloaded with guests the listener is constantly distracted by guest appearances, as Game merely hosts his album. He’s a far cry away from those early masterpieces, which even now begin to seem accidental.

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4 Responses to "Game – “Blood Moon: Year Of The Wolf” – @@1/2 [Review]"
  • karmagotbeats says:

    Every single The Game album has been worse than the one before it. So everytime The Game drops an album–it’s the worst material of his career.

    - K

  • Thomas says:

    I would say the first 3 albums are really high quality, with Doctors Advocate maybe even besting The Documentary…….the quality fell off a cliff after that

  • Chad says:

    I liked LAX, but i’ll agree with the consensus here, Game ain’t in it to be an MC anymore, he’s straight TMZ now.

  • Rich says:

    Bishop Lamont is/was so much greater than Game, but Game is allowed to put out wack shit, and Lamont never really put out anything….smh

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