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17 December, 2014@5:37 pm

“We let Black artists create absolute shite for years but gag when it’s served on a white spoon.”

Writer Shaka Shaw examines artists, race, and disposable hip-hop in this poignant new piece for Cuepoint.

Don’t Blame Disposable Hip-Hop On White Artists

19 Responses to "Cuepoint: Don’t Blame Disposable Hip-Hop On White Artists"
  • khordkutta says:

    lol, “people say yo humpty…”

  • Rich says:

    don’t be mad at the artists: be mad at their fans, cuz they are the ones who keep them in business…

  • curt mcgirt says:

    White artists are not the problem. The problem is the LCD (lowest common denominator) rap phenomenon. Too much wack music and no quality control. Way too much emphasis is placed on hype instead of substance. Shits is only gonna get worse.

  • Rich says:

    there are too many rap fans (many of them posers, let’s bring back that term “posers”) who don’t give a fuck about rap music/hip hop culture. it IS a fad for them, and 5-10 years from now, they won’t be into the music anymore.

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