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11 January, 2015@4:40 pm

The Verge: “Music icon RZA believes fans should appreciate music like an exclusive art. We sat down with the Wu-Tang Clan founder to talk about A Better Tomorrow, the rumored $5 million fans pooled together to buy a sole copy of its next album, and the so-called Wu-Tang Clan pay tier.”

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2 Responses to "CES 2015: RZA Interview"
  • eb says:

    thats wrong for the wu to be charging that much for fans to get a decent wu album after all the time/ $ ive already invested trying to still support the garbage that 95% of the wu catalog has been since 96 ( going to shows, downloading music etc)
    do fans rly expect this to be a tight, wu banger after all these dissapointments over the years?
    imo, its doubtful, and the rest of the wu contingent needs to do what ive done. just keep listening to wu tang forever like its 96

  • Beans says:

    I 100 percent agree with eb, Wu Tangs New album was a Disappointment and now your gonna action an album for millions????? are u fucking serious????? The album was Wack because of Rza and because of the wack beats and stupid ass hooks the clan seemed not 1000 percent with there rymes, they sounded like they jus did it for the pay day. Not dis crediting Rza because he gave the world Tons of Wu Classics, But if that was the last album, YOU my friend shoulda stuck with the Classic Wu formula we all know and loved

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