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Richmond, VA – A startling discovery was made last week by Reverend Carlton Morris of Our Lady Of Richmond Church in Virginia. The Reverend said he found hidden devil messages when he put a copy of Redman’s “I’ll Be That” on his phonograph player, putting the needle on the record itself, and while in the off position, spinning the record in the opposite direction at approximately 33 revolutions per minute. According to the Reverend, he found obscene language buried in the record, including the “F-word” and “S-H-word.”

“Given the amount of satanic evil found in rock and roll music over the years, I knew that there was probably these same kinds of messages in rap music, which is a product of Lucifer himself”, said the Reverend. “I began to hear strange noises hidden in between the lyrics of a lot of these rap artists. Every time I’d listen to a rap song, I’d hear these “kuff” or “ish” sounds. It haunted me, and I knew that they could only be cries from the very depths of Hell,” he concluded.

Currently, the Reverend has been playing other rap records backwards, and has been finding the same thing each time. “It can only be subliminal. Satan has once again used his powers of trickery and deceit to tempt these role models of our precious youth to include these hidden messages in their songs,” he added.

Redman was contacted and asked to speak on these issues, and had this to say: “Hell mu’fuckin’ yeah if you play it backwards you gonna hear some crazy shit. But that’s more Def Jam’s fault. I don’t put that shit in there, I just go in the studio and rhyme. But then the Def Jam mu’fuckas put it out as a single, you play it backwards, and you hear all kinds of shit.”

Def Jam representatives had no comment.

Our Lady Of Richmond will be holding a burning ritual this weekend, and encourages all participants to bring their rap records, rap CD’s, rap cassettes, Dungeons  & Dragons games, trench coats, and any other objects of the occult, so that they may be stomped on, smashed into pieces and set aflame.

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