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Chris Seeger
4 June, 2008 6:54 am

In this day and age, every subgenre of creation receives an equal platform for public attention. That platform is the internet, which you are using right now, and was invented by Al Gore on that legendary stormy evening when he was flying a kite with a calculator tied to it. By using your internet, you [cont.]

3 May, 2008 3:56 am

Spring is in full swing, which means those of us living in areas with seasonal weather (i.e., not L.A. or Miami) are feeling that unmistakable rush of regeneration. Like the flowers blooming in our yards, the legs of fine young ladies are sprouting from their shorts, and the new Lyrics Born record is a suitable [cont.]

25 April, 2008 3:19 am

After J Dilla passed in 2006, Black Milk found himself carrying the torch for the sound of Detroit. He undertook the duty of composing the grimy symphony of the Motor City, and all eyes turned to the 22-year-old MPC puncher to maintain Detroit’s reputation of legitimacy in the national hip hop scene. Black Milk has [cont.]

1 April, 2008 1:57 am

Hailing from Detroit and signed to Stones Throw Records, Guilty piggybacked into the game during the final stretch of J Dilla’s celebrated career. After a smattering of singles and a hot fi-ya mixtape by J-Rocc, (of the World Famous Beat Junkies) fans were anxious for a proper full length. Well here it is, and those [cont.]

1 December, 2007 1:41 am

The recent success of Adult Swim’s late night programming has allowed the bad boys of Cartoon Network to expand their influence in the entertainment industry, including a foray into the music biz with the launch of Williams Street Records. Their first project, Dangerdoom, was extremely successful, although it’s concept was almost fail-proof. (Two semi-fictional and [cont.]

6 November, 2007 9:33 am

Approaching its tenth year in existence, the Anticon record label is still showing listeners that a creative paradigm in music production is nothing but an afterthought to its roster of talent. Many of Anticon’s releases float in the purgatory of classification, although they almost always end up in the “hip-hop” section of record stores and [cont.]

30 October, 2007 11:00 pm

Is it really necessary to start your hip hop album with a disclaimer? “This album is intended for those who ride with their doors open, blow purple, and wear over-sized sunglasses…” is the satirical warning issued at the beginning of It’s Whateva the latest album from Fairfield, California rappers Federation. Backed by the trunk rattling [cont.]

16 October, 2007 2:01 am

Compilation; No Rating Given. Rappers have been making video game references for years. Biggie immortalized the two major game consoles of the 90s with his line, “Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, when I was dead broke man I couldn’t picture this.” Thirteen years later, the relationship between hip hop and video games has developed an even [cont.]

4 October, 2007 3:19 am

It begins with a shrieking female vocal sample followed by a filthy, hypnotic guitar riff. The drums contribute a funk aesthetic, and the result is modern snake charmer music–for acid heads. And thus begins the adventure that is Oh No’s latest project, Dr. No’s Oxperiment. In the fashion of his brother Madlib’s Beat Konducta series, [cont.]

12 September, 2007 3:25 am

Atlanta’s Pastor Troy found himself entrenched in controversy before his latest record even hit the shelves. The uproar was caused by his original title choice for his new album-Saddam Hussein. As soon as Universal announced the album title, numerous retail outlets promised they would not carry it, which caused the suits at Universal to demand [cont.]

1 August, 2007 12:00 am

    Ah, another new album from Rawkus records. This is the label that was solely responsible for turning many fans on to quality hip hop in the late nineties. Their first two Soundbombing compilations were like the indie hip-hop Old and New Testament; providing a who’s who of the top ‘underground’ talent New York had to offer. [cont.]

2 July, 2007 12:00 am

Compilation; No Rating Given     Just like the first Chrome Children Project, this album acts as a brief introduction to the majority of the Stones Throw roster. The big names get just as much shine as the lesser-knowns, with everyone except Madlib getting just one track to show and prove. The production styles go way [cont.]

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