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Acey’s one of those MCs who could easily coast by strictly on the strength of his reputation but he never seems to take the lazy way out. It’s no secret that I’m a fan, but that’s because every new song I hear him on, he’s coming with some next sh*t. Take “Accepted Eclectic”,, the lead 12″ to his upcoming LP by the same name – “I’m manic-depressant/ever since I was an adolescent/but I never panic in a session when I’m bustin’/cussin’ like a sailor with a bottle full of Yagermeister/ready for whatever this world has to offer me.” Join that with Nick Seil’s campy, kooky loop and it has the words “classic” stamped all over it. Meanwhile “B-Boy / The Real McCoy”, takes the sound back to All Balls Don’t Bounce with its deep, needling basslines and Acey drops more gems for your melon. What you waiting for? Cop this. - O-Dub

“Accepted Eclectic” is definitely one of the best underground singles of 2001. I was a little hesitant after the sleepy production of Book Of Human Language, but Acey’s up-tempo again, bouncing all over his new millennial theme song. Keep an eye on Acey - after “Rappers Rappers Rappers” and his recent 12″ w/ Elusive, I think he’s ready to come back out with a bang. – Pizzo

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