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Afu Ra’s track record on 12″s off his LP has been a little uneven. The first one, with “D&D Soundclash” and “Mic Stance” was blasting like a .44. “Defeat” wasn’t even a .22 – more like a slingshot with a broken rubber band. “Bigacts Littleacts” fits in somewhere halfway. The two sides are split between True Master’s original mix and a new “Bigacts Littleacts (Premier Remix)”. Truth be told, I was never a huge fan of the original version of the song – I’ve heard better tracks from True Master before and this one feels like it just droned on and on without really offering anything to hang your ear on. Even worse, GZA’s cameo lumbered as awkwardly as the beat – all his deep lyrical science was there but Gza sounds like he’s on cold medicine as he falls on and off beat. But you can count on Primo to swing in and retool the whole effort up a notch. Yeah, Prime’s biting his own sh*t – notably D’Angelo’s “Devil’s Pie” – and you’ve heard the formula a dozen times prior. But does it still knock you out the box, roll you down the street and stuff you in the gutter? Hell yeah. Even better, GZA suddenly sounds tons tighter too as his flow now seems deliberately complex rather than just sloppy. Goes to show you that the right remix can change the whole game on a song.

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