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As much as I’ve tried to like Cormega (and honestly, it hasn’t been too much of an effort), I still think he’s yet another Mobb Deep  knock-off who’s trying to come illmatic but jams up in the chamber. “Take Mine” has a vaguely likable, stripped-down minimalist beat but what can you do with verses like, “running like two slugs inside of me/a few thugs admire me/some inspire me/to buy a key/and drive a B-E-/N-Z.” Zzzzzzzzzzzz… Oh, whoops, sorry, my bad, I didn’t mean to fall asleep. Where was I? “You Don’t Want It” and “Killaz Theme” (feat. Mobb Deep) is just more of the same, though at least the Infamous come off nicer with the lyrics on “Killaz Theme” than Cormega can scare up.  

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