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1 January, 1997@12:00 am

As much as I may want to dis on this 12″, there’s something entertaining about the drug ode “Purple Pills” that keep my player hating in check. I still don’t think D12 has much skills to write home about – take out Eminem and they disappear like lights in a fog but the song’s a hilarious mix of disses that include refs to everyone from Vanilla Ice to Elton John, plus drug flashbacks and of course, a requisite homophobic remark. Ah, some things will never change. The beat’s not so bad if you like countrified beats. Too slow to really bump heavy but it’s not wack. “That’s How” is another barrel of disrespect, served up slow n’ funky – hilarious song about how people deserve to get f*cked up. Peep this politically incorrect line: “you’re living at home with your kin folk/and the world keeps f*cking with your mental/and all these kids keep making fun of your trenchcoat?/that’s how students get shot up.” Or even more brazen: “”choking your wife all in front your peeps/she toss a brick through the window of your jeep/they back together by the end of the week/that’s so sweet/Slim and Kim argue too much.” Ill-tacular.

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