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How is it that Defari’s best songs are for anything except for his own album? I don’t mean to hate but let’s face it – Focused Daily left most of us in a blurry haze (and not in a good way) but every other song Defari’s dropped has been butter like biscuits. Don’t know who produced “Joyride” (Joey Chavez?) but the simple, trill beat laced by a smooth flute loop minimalism at its best (yeah, I’m a big fan of that school of production) and here comes Herut – “that old gold flow/fade ‘em all so slow/got MCs wondering/if they’re really pro”. “I Can’t Ride” (Evidence production?) can’t keep pace though – the baseless beat lacks a firm anchor to get that head a’noddin and he plays with a new flow that he should leave well alone. The single ends on the slow burner “Keep It On The Rise 2″ which has nice drums (snap that fingers ya’ll) and a simple keys vibe throughout. Evidence drops in for a cameo but can’t smoke the main man. Peep Defari: “it’s time to change/we serve hot rocks for street blocks/even cops wanna cop what I’m playing/when I get stopped/drrrooop!” Ill, ill, ill.

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