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Encore’s “It’s Time (Ode To Breaking Atoms)” is the alpha and omega of this 12″ and the other artists sharing space might as well have recorded 3.5 minutes of static. I mean, does anyone really remember what the B-side of “The Choice Is Yours (Revisted)” was? Did anyone really care for the remix to “One Love”? Now, I’m not claiming that “It’s Time” is going to stand the test of time like either of those two certified classics. But I’ll say with absolute confidence that this has to be my favorite song for at least the last six months if not year. Yeah, it’s that good. I have a white label promo so I can’t credit the producer by name (D-Tension – editor), but if you thought the days of four-bar loops was deaded, think again. This just sounds so damn good that even the instrumental gets me juiced. The fact that Encore lays in the cut deeper than bone marrow is just a bonus. I mean, how can front on the sped-up soul vocals for the chorus (similar to what Jay-Z’s entire album sounds like)? How can you not get moved by the slick shimmy of the track with its intense strings and chicken clawed guitar? And then Encore plows in: “I relinquish correspondence with the world for a minute/on a mission for dolo/exposing myself to my soul to see what’s in it/staying relentless with it/making everything I’m spitting/passing every litmus test with gritty finesse.” I’m not quite sure how this is an ode to “Breaking Atoms” except that it makes me feel as good as I did listening to “Snake Eyes” or “Peace Is Not the Word to Play” a decade back. Cop this. Longevity Rating: Nine months.

  Mixtape D.L.
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