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While I like Prozack and Marc Stretch – two nice, sincere guys – they’re not exactly lyrical geniuses and you know what? Cool with me. This Bay Area pair keep knocking out entertaining hip-hop that knows how to have fun without taking themselves too seriously (PUTS’ problem) or being a tad too silly (Ugly Ducking’s weakness). This new 12″ kicks off with a Paul Nice Remix of “Let Me Tell You Something” and with Woody Woodpecker inaugurating the song no less. It’s a bouncy remix – simple in its structure and while I liked it it just feels a tad too stripped down. I’m still partial to the more musically dense original mix.

“Intangible MC’s” is the bonus, as Prozack and Marc Stretch rhyme over one of their own instrumentals from the recent album and flip expert chemistry and biting punchlines. It’s one of the better cuts I’ve heard them put together – all hearty ego boasts that don’t front too hard. Ain’t nothing but a party y’all. “Who keeps it hotter than block parties in hell?” You know the name – that’d be the F.L.

  Mixtape D.L.
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